Four Color Zack in Chicago, 2012 Four Color Zack in Chicago, 2012 Jazzy Jeff, Philadelphia, 2013


The Red Bull Thre3Style World DJ Championships have been advancing the culture of DJing, entertaining audiences all around the world since 2010. 2016 marks our seventh year as a global event and it’s our biggest year yet. From May through October the World Tour of National Final Live events took place visiting 20 countries across Europe, Asia/Pacific and the Americas. More than 1,000 DJs registered, 126 took part in the national championships but only 21 of them got a chance to win the all-expense paid trip to the 2016 World Final in December. In addition, we have awarded 3 regional Wild Cards, completing the 24 world final panel of Dj participants. These were selected from the first time ever global invitation to participate open to all Djs from non hosting National Final countries.

DJs from 24 countries around the world represented their nations coming from:

The Rules

At the live events DJs are given 15 minutes to impress both the crowd and the judges with their originality, skills and track selection and the only creative constraint you are given is they must play at least three genres of music. In the spirit of Geoffrey Sumner - "This is supposed to be a journey into sound. A journey which along the way will bring us new value, new color, new dimenson."

No matter what level of the competition you are participating in, the judges will be using these criteria:

  • Originality
  • Skills
  • Track Selection
  • Personality
  • Crowd Response

Previous Winners

2015: <strong>DJ Byte</strong>, Chile
2015: DJ Byte, Chile
2014: <strong>Eskei83</strong>, Germany
2014: Eskei83, Germany
2013: <strong>DJ Shintaro</strong>, Japan
2013: DJ Shintaro, Japan
2012: <strong>Four Color Zack</strong>, USA
2012: Four Color Zack, USA
2011: <strong>DJ Hedspin</strong>, Canada
2011: DJ Hedspin, Canada
2010: <strong>DJ Karve</strong>, France
2010: DJ Karve, France
Crowd, Finals Toronto, 2012 Judges, Paris, 2010 Jazzy Jeff, Philadelphia, 2013


How do I enter?
Entry phase is closed for 2016, join our community on our Facebook page and stay updated for the 2017 Thre3style competition.
Where is the World Final this year?
This year the World Championship Finals took place in Santiago, Chile.
How can I watch the World Final?
Visit our website December the 17th for a truly exciting live celebration of the art of Djing and crowning of the Red Bull Thre3style World Final Champion 2016.
How do I get tickets?
For up-to-date information regarding local events and how to get tickets, please visit our Facebook page.
Crowd, Finals Toronto, 2012 Judges, Paris, 2010 Jazzy Jeff, Philadelphia, 2013


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